International Alliance for Animal Therapy & Healing

What is IAATH?

IAATH is a foundation based on diverse backgrounds, ideas, expertise and education. We have come together as an alliance to share our vision and raise consciousness surrounding the care of animals.

IAATH is an alliance of professional healers, therapists, concerned companies and individuals dedicated to assisting in the maintenance, balance and enhancement of the body, mind and spirit of all animals. IAATH is sponsored by United Charitable., a registered 501(c) (3) public charity and your contributions are tax deductible.

Our Mission

IAATH is committed to the continuing development of education, communication, support and opportunities for all those interested in animal health care. IAATH is a platform where all healing modalities may come together to work for the welfare of the animal kingdom. We advocate a strong code of ethics for animal therapy professionals.

Happy animals at play
Healing Touch


It is our vision that the future of animal health care will be shared among veterinarians and other concurrent care practitioners working together and providing the best possible health options for animals in conjunction with the animal guardians. In order for this to manifest, fear must be transmuted into compassion and courage, animal health care professionals must work together sharing experiences, data, questions, and knowledge, and good information of health care options must be easily available and clearly communicated to animal guardians (consumers). To achieve this goal, IAATH is focusing its current resources on developing an interactive membership based website that will allow people to easily share information, search natural health care options, practitioners, and schools, stay current on best available healthcare options and legislative actions, and network with other organizations and interested people.


Throughout history new ideas and methods have challenged traditional thinking. With the new millennium comes the opportunity for growth and consciousness expansion. New thoughts on what constitutes optimal health care have entered mainstream thinking. Today we seek more complete and concerned approaches to health care for ourselves and our animal companions.

animals healing through energy
time to rethink animal healing


IAATH was established in 1999.

Today, IAATH invites you to share the vision of the founding council and members to help support and develop our international network and data base of information and resources in the animal therapy and healing fields. From massage therapy to aromatherapy and behavior to veterinary medicine, IAATH is the only integrated voice representing all disciplines in animal health care. Thank you for joining us!